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The Plants Daily guidebook is a comprehensive, evidence-based, resource (62 pages) that includes practical information on the following:

  • Defining plant-based diets

  • Why go plant-based

  • Environmental benefits

  • Health benefits of eating plant-based

    • Improved mood & well-being

    • Improved digestion

    • Improved gut health

    • Improved energy levels

    • Improved sleep

    • Chronic disease prevention, management and reversal

    • Better skin health

    • Weight loss and weight management

    • Stronger immune system

    • Improved life-expectancy

  • Plant-based eating guidelines

  • Plant-based food groups       

    • Daily recommended serves

    • Food types

  • Meeting your key nutrients

    • Vitamin B12

    • Iron

    • Calcium

    • Protein

    • Omega-3s

    • Iodine

    • Zinc

  • Plant-based substitutes

  • Healthy wholesome swaps

  • The plant plate

  • Steps to building your plant-based meal

  • Plant-based meal ideas

  • Snack ideas

  • 7-day meal plan

  • Supplements on a plant-based diet



A Dietitians guide to plant-based nutrition, including the major health benefits, the significant environmental advantages, as well as a comprehensive overview to the health science for following a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet.

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