Your gut is a forest

You may have heard of probiotics, but have you heard of prebiotics?

Prebiotics are found in a range of different foods and in my judgment, are not only more important than probiotics, but are vital for a healthy gut.

Probiotics & Prebiotics

If we digest these gut words into their pro and pre-fixes, we are left with their unifying term ‘BIOTIC’ - Biotic means relating to or resulting from a living organism.


Pro-biotics are living BENEFICIAL bacteria taken into the body in the form of fermented foods (e.g. yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut) or supplements.

Pre-biotics are the non-digestible parts of particular foods that promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms (i.e. bacteria) in the intestine.

Your gut is a forest!

Imagine your gut as a rainforest and think of the pro-biotics as seeds that grow into those big ginormous trees, and the pre-biotics as decomposed plant materials (or fertilisers) that nourish those seeds.

This is what should be going on inside of your gut right now.

Once you have that healthy rainforest flourishing, it really shouldn’t need a whole heap of seeds (or pro-biotics) being planted all the time, but a consistent source of fertiliser (or pre-biotics) through fermentable foods is ideal.


Onions are one type of pre-biotic food that contain fructans… a non-digestible, rapidly fermentable carbohydrate. So when you eat onion, some of its components pass undigested all the way through your digestive tract and end up in your large intestine. It is here that your natural microflora (bacteria living in your gut) ferment and feed on these onion components (fructans) producing various effects.